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Move-in Procedure

General procedure
Keys to residences will be issued after identification verification at the superintendent's office at the check-in time.
For access to residence halls and dinning halls, fingerprints must be registered in the administration building within the specified period.
It is necessary to be fully aware of information pertaining to residences and conduct of residents in the residents' handbook.
Items to be prepared by residents
Individual bedding (blankets, bedsheets, pillows, etc.)
Toiletries, slippers, tissues, personal computer, lamps, medication, etc.
(TVs are not permitted in living quarters.)
ID card (for registration of fingerprints)

Move-out Procedure

Residents are required to label their room keys along with the building number and return it with LAN cables and lead wires to the administrative office and receive confirmation from the superintendent or the residence hall assistant(make sure you return the keys and cables within the given time, or part of deposit will be deducted).
Residents must thoroughly clean their rooms and remove all stickers before moving out. If stickers are found to be posted in places other than the sticker board, cleaning costs will be deducted from the residents' security deposits.
Residents should report damage and/or loss of fixtures and furnishings such as keys, windows, doors, mirrors, telephones, and mattresses, to the administrative office for reparation or compensation. Otherwise, repair or replacement costs will be deducted from the residents' security deposits.
Security deposits will be returned to all residents within 40 days of their final stay in residence halls. Residents are advised to verify their bank account numbers posted on the main floors of the residence hall prior to moving out to ensure security deposits will be correctly returned.

※ Expulsion from housing for disciplinary reasons

The expulsion procedure is the same as the procedure for residents who voluntarily move out of the residence hall in the middle of the semester.
A resident who is expelled from the residence hall must move out within five days of receiving the order and will not be allowed to reenter the residence hall.
Parents of residents who are expelled will also be notified.

Residence Hall Access Control

Persons other than residents are not allowed to enter the residence hall for security reasons without the consent of building superintendent.
All visitors are required to call the residents he or she will meet in the superintendent's office and meet the resident at the building entrance.
Fingerprint identification is required for entry into the residence hall.
Residents may be authorized to enter the residence hall by a fingerprint scan.
Non-residents or persons without a valid fingerprint identification may not enter.
Entry is permitted only by the main entrance door for security reasons.
Persons attempting to access the building by another means will be expelled.
The entry right for residence hall by finger print identification is conferred only to the resident.
Please repel other followers for your own right.

Roll Call and Sleeping Out

Roll call hours: 22:00 to 24:00
Roll call is not performed everyday for the convenience of residence but is carried out without advance notice.
Residents who do not have their fingerprints scanned at least four times daily (three meal checks and one entry check) will be considered to have slept out.
Residents planning on sleeping out are required to write down the location and phone number of the place they will be staying in a logbook in the superintendent’s office. Residents who sleep out without providing notice will have 2 points deducted.
Residents who break curfew may enter the residence hall by contacting another resident via the interphone. However, 1 point will be deducted for breaking curfew. Residents who break curfew without notification will be expelled.
Graduate students may not be penalized for breaking curfew with an endorsement from an advisor(make sure you submit the related documents within the given period).

Dining Facilities

Dining hours
Category Hours Remark
During Semester Summer/Winter Session
Lunch 07 : 20 ~ 08 : 40 07 :30 ~ 09 : 00 ※ Dining periods are fixed.(residence hall do not use any flavoring)
Lunch 12 : 00 ~ 13 : 30 12 : 00 ~ 13 : 30
Dinner 18 : 00 ~ 19 : 20 18 : 00 ~ 19 : 00
Protocol: Meals are provided to all residents who provide verification through a fingerprint scan.
Let's not skip breakfast for live and healthy start of the day!!
Milk supply: Residents may obtain a carton of milk from the dining hall each morning during breakfast time.
Residents may choose rice or bread as part of their breakfast.
Buffet-style meals are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Residents are asked to not let food go to waste.
Residents are asked to utilize proper table manners and dress accordingly for meals.
Do not leave dry wet laundry on the heater
Close all windows and doors while the suites are being heated.
Do not use pipes as laundry lines.
Do not arbitrarily turn knobs or activate switches.


On-campus Calls: Phones may make and receive calls.
Off-campus Calls: Phones may only receive calls. Calls may only be made using pay-phones in the lobby of each residence hall.

※ Residents are prohibited from receiving collect calls. Recipients of collect calls will be reprimanded. In the event that recipients of collect calls cannot be identified, all occupants shall be required to share the phone charges.

Reading Room
Location : Administration Building (2nd floor), Hall 1 (1st floor), Hall 2 (2nd, 3rd, 4th floor), Hall 3 (1st, 3rd floor), Hall 4 & 5 (5th floor), Hall 6 (2nd, 4th floor), Hall 7 (1st floor), Hall 8 (6th floor)
Hours of operation : 24 hours (05:30 to 01:00 for the Administration Building)
Residents are advised to study silently in the reading rooms and not to disturb the other users.
Reading rooms are open only when the residence halls are open.
Place cards are issued for the reading room in the Administration Building during examination periods.
Non-residents are not allowed to use the reading rooms.
Computer Room
Location: Administration Building (2nd floor), Halls 1 to 7 (Lounge)
Residents may freely use the computer rooms until closing times and are advised to record any technical problems on the repair board of your building.
Washroom & Shower
Residents are advised to turn off the taps when faucets are not in use.
Trash should be placed in garbage bins and not in toilets or sinks.
Residents should be cautious when using hot water.
All problems with washing facilities may be reported in the maintenance logbook or by calling the main superintendent's office at 530-3737.

※ Smoking is prohibited in the residence halls and violators will be expelled.

Location: 1st floor of each building
Hours of operation: 05:30 to 24:00
Residents are asked to refrain from making loud noises in the lounge.
Residents are advised to clean up after themselves when using the microwaves.

※ Smoking is prohibited in the residence halls and violators will be expelled.

Ping-pong Room
Location: Hall 3
Hours of operation: 06:30 to 22:00
Athletic Equipment
Items may be borrowed from the Administrative Building
Items available for loan: Soccer balls, volleyballs, Basketballs, Baseball gloves, ping-pong paddles, badminton rackets, etc.
Protocol: Borrowed items should be recorded in a logbook and returned immediately after use.
Ironing Room
Location: behind the Administration Building (Nuri Hall), Halls 1, 2, 5, 6 (1st, 3rd floors), Halls 3, 4 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors), Hall 7 (1st floor)
Normal Washer

1) Insert ₩100 coins in slot (25 minutes per ₩100).

2) Push the power button, select water level, and add detergent and laundry.

3) Select wash course as regular and push the start button (cold water will come out and washing will commence).

Normal Washer

1) Insert ₩100 coins in slot (25 minutes per ₩100).

2) Push the power button, select wash course, and push the start button (As washing time varies depending on course selection, residents should check the expected ashing hours, and then insert additional coins when necessary. (Normal washing hours: 1.5 to 2.5 hours.)

※As the drum washer is subject to malfunction, residents are advised to consider the following tips.

① When the machine is in operation, push the stop button and wait for a clicking sound before opening the door.

② When the machine is turned off, pull down on the string on the right to open the door.

③ If the temperature of the washer is over 40℃, residents are advised to wait until the temperature drops before opening the door.

④ If the string to the right of the washer is out of order, insert a coin and follow the previous instruction beginning with step .

Do not exceed the capacity of the washer.
Do not insert coins other than ₩100 coins.
Residents are responsible for providing their own detergent.
Income from washing machines are used to pay for water and electricity bills for the washers and maintenance charges.
Clotheslines are on the rooftop of each residence hall and on the verandas of each suite in Hall 7 and 8.
Use of washer or water separator after 12 a.m. is prohibited.
Water Separator
Location: Washrooms in the 1st and 3rd floors of each hall.
Evenly put in lighter clothes first, then press them down using hands and close the cover.
If the separator begins to vibrate excessively while spinning, stop the machine and remove some of the clothing.
Be sure to remove clothing only when the machine has completely stopped.
Do not put shoes into water separators and do not use water separators after midnight.
Location: Administration Building (1st floor)
General goods are available such as beverages, stationery, confectionery, toiletries, detergent, etc.
Prices are generally low to accommodate students' budgets
Hours of operation: 12:00 to 12:30 (closed on two weekends(Saturdays) of each month)
Fitness Room (Nuri Hall)
Location: Behind the Administration Building
Hours of operation: 05:30 to 23:00
The Fitness Room includes a number of exercise equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, etc.

Hot/col water purifiers are positioned in each residence hall (1st and 3rd floors in Halls 1 to 6, every floor in Hall 7 and 8) in addition to vending machines and mailboxes (1st floor).

※ Registered mails and parcels may be picked up at the superintendent's office in each residence hall.

Management of Fixtures and Furnishings

All fixtures and furnishings must be used with care and all damages must be reported to the superintendent immediately.
Residents are financially responsible for all damages made to fixtures and furnishings.
All residents are collectively responsible for damaged property in cases where no one takes responsibility.

Deposit Policies

Category 4bed room 2bed room Remark
Key &Furnishing Deposit 10,000 10,000 ※ Deposits must be made once a
semester at check in.※ Refunds
provided within 40 days of check out.
Telephone Deposit 5,000 10,000
Cleaning Deposit 5,000 5,000
Total 20,000 25,000

※ Deposits will be used to pay for damages caused by or outstanding bills of individual residents.

Other Notes

Use of electric heating appliances such as coffee pots, personal irons, electric ranges, electric heaters, and electric blankets are strictly prohibited.
Use of electric appliances such as TVs and stereos are strictly prohibited.
Use of cooking appliances such as gas burners, alcohol burners, and solid fuels are strictly prohibited.
Dangerous and flammable items such as gasoline, petroleum, paint thinner, and benzene are not permitted in the residence halls.
Residents are required to adjust speakers in their rooms so as to not disturb neighbors.
All abnormalities in fixtures of furnishings should be reported to the main superintendent's office (530-3737) or the administration office (530-3733 or 530-3734). Minor problems should be noted in the bulletin boards on the 1st floor.
Wardrobes in each room should be locked by individual residents.
Residents are advised to be cautious with valuables to prevent theft.
Motorcycles and bicycles must be stored in designated places outside of the residence halls.
Stickers may not be placed in residence halls other than sticker boards.
Recyclable items made of paper, plastic, and glass are separately collected for recycling purposes in containers outside the entrances of each residence hall.
No smoking in a building, smoking is allowed only outside of the building. (Violation will result in expulsion) Alcohol drinking is not allowed in a hall or its surrounding area.


All fixtures and furnishings must be used with care and all damages must be reported to the superintendent immediately.
Residents are financially responsible for all damages made to fixtures and furnishings.
All residents are collectively responsible for damaged property in cases where no one takes responsibility.

Cultural Events

Bandi Festival
Date: 2 days in May
Event overview: Two poverty-sticken scholars named Chayun and Songang are believed to have studied with the aid of lightning bugs and the reflection of the snow during the reign of Hyo Muje in the Chin Dynasty. Their home was believed to be in the location of the current residence halls, in a town called the Bandi Village, which the festival is named after. Athletic events such as a marathon, basketball, jokgu, and ping-pong comprise the festival in addition to films, theatrical performances, and dancing.
Blanket Film Festival
Date: 1 day in October
Event overview: This festival celebrates the romantic sentiments of autumn. Residents enjoy select movies outdoors in front of the Administration Building.

Fire Management

Persons in Charge
Building Supervisor: Residence hall director
Fire Prevention Supervisor: Administration office chief
Residents will be responsible for preventing fires in individual suites.
Instructions for Use of Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers may be accessed in the middle and ends of hallways on each floor.
To extinguish smaller fires, extend the extinguisher hose up to the fire without twisting.
Shut the angle valve to the left.
Press on the power switch at the upper part of the extinguisher and spray holding the nozzle at the end of the hose.
After extinguishing the fire, press the power switch again and shut the angle valve.
Residents are advised to be familiar with how to use fire extinguishers and steps for exiting buildings in the event of larger fires.


Facilities in Residence Halls
Hall Construction Rooms Persons
Capacity Area(㎡) Facilities
shower lounge laundry
(Hall 1)
1980. 7 41 4 164(M) 2,191.4 1 3 1 2 2
(Hall 2)
1983.12 56 4 224(M) 2,013.9 3 4 1 2 2
(Hall 3)
1986.11 72 4 288(F) 2,648.1 2 4 1 4 4
(Hall 4)
1988.10 74 4 296(M) 2,648.1 1 4 1 4 4
Cheoksa(Hall 5) 1990.12 74 4 296(F) 2,648.1 1 4 1 2 2
Boramhaksa(Hall 6) 1997.12 105 2 210
2,648.1 1 4 1 2 2
Irulhaksa(Hall 7) 2001.12 72 2 144(M) 5,301.0 1 24 1 1 1
hanulhaksa(Hall 8) 2007.08 220 2 440
7,002.8 2 73 1 2 2
1986.11 1,926.3 1 1
Nurigwan 2003. 8 79.3 - Fitness room- Laundry room
Total 746 2,120 29,107.1 14 136 10 20 20
Facilities in Administration Building
Residence hall director's office, administration office, reading room, computer room, dining hall, canteen, meeting room