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Enrollment refers to both paying your tuition and the course registration; however, payment of your tuition comes first or the course registration is invalid.

Payment of Tuition

You need to pay tuition during the designated period of each semester, and those periods, which come in February and August, will be notified through the bulletin board on the official website of the school (http://www.jnu.ac.kr)

Go to the CNU portal site (http://arsam.jnu.ac.kr) → Academic Support → My Academic Affairs → Enrollment
Divided Payment of Tuition

Those students with financial difficulties can make divided payments in three installments for the tuition unless he/she bas received a scholarship in the form of a reduction of class fees or school support fees.

Go to the CNU portal sire (http://arsam.jnu.ac.kr) → Academic Support → My Academic Affairs → Enrollment → Application for: Divided Payment (latter January and latter July)
First Payment: during the regular payment period (same with other current students)
Second Payment: two months after the first payment made (mid April and mid October)
Third Payment: one month after 1he second payment made (mid May and midNovember)