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Myung-hak Hall

Cafeteria, Copy Room, Study Hall, and Student Lounge are available.
Cafeteria (1st floor): Quality meals are provided at low-price. A snack bar is available for students' convenience.
Study Hall (3rd,4thfloor):Individualdesksareassignedtostudents.

Fitness Center

Fitness center is open to all students and faculty and staff members
It is equipped with the latest weight training machines and free weights along with many aerobic exercise machines including cycling machines and running machines.

Clinical Education Center

Clinical skill training labs and seminar rooms, along with 20 PBL (Problem Based Learning) rooms, are used to aid students in preparing for clinical skill examinations.

Central Garden

Located between Medical School Building 1 and 2, the garden provides a relaxing green space in the campus.

Multimedia Education Center

80 internet-ready PCs, A/V system, and computerized lecture desks allow interactive, multimedia classes. Preventative medicine statistics lab, pathology lab, and pharmacology and physiology labs, as well as various simulation training through diverse media, are provided for effective and efficient education.

Computer Lab

26 internet ready PCs are connected to scanners, printers, and other devices to aid students in data search, document scans, and color printing.

Medical Library

The medical library currently holds various medical journals and papers along with other textbooks and general books.
Chonnam National University Library Website: