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since 1936 ~ 1997
The ideation of the establishment of a professional medical school proposed to the Japanese Governor-General of Korea1940 The foundation was laid to establish the professional medical school by expanding the facility of the Gwangju Provincial Hospital
Fund-raising activities by the preparatory committee to establish the Gwangju Professional Medical School (Visited by Sohn Chang-Sik from Shanghai)
The founding committee for the Gwangju Professional Medical School launched Sohn Chang-Sik donated 1 million Japanese yen to the foundation fund (present value of KRW 40 billion) The approval for the establishment of the Gwangju Professional Medical School received (256 Yangrim-dong, Gwangju City, current location of Gwangju Speer Girls’ High School) The Gwangju Professional Medical School opened with 102 new students recruited for the 1st year (Principal Hiroichi Ohasi) The school building was located within the Gwangju Provincial Hospital
The school moved to Gwangju Speer Girls’ High School located in Yanglim-dong Dr. Choi Sang-Chae appointed as Dean of Gwangju Professional Medical School and Director of Gwangju Provincial Hospital after the Korean Independence The school moved to Gwangju Girls’ High School (former Daehwa Girls’ School)
The ground-breaking ceremony of the building for Gwangju Medical College held The Gwangju Professional Medical School evolved into the Gwangju Medical College (Choi Sang-Chae as the first Dean)
The Gwangju Medical College relocated to the current location, Hak-Dong 33 graduates for the first year of the Gwangju Medical College
The graduate school established Lee Jong-Ryun appointed as the first Dean of graduate school 1951 The construction of the Medical College’s main building completed (current Medical Museum)The establishment of Chonnam National University approved
The Gwangju Medical College incorporated into the Chonnam National University Medical School Professor Choi Sang-Chae appointed as the first President of CNU and Lee Jong-Ryun as the first Dean of CNUMS
The 1st graduation ceremony of CNUMS held (51 graduates)
The expansion of the former main building of the affiliated hospital of CNUMS completed
The first issue of Chonnam Medical Journal published
The Research Institute of Medical Sciences opened 1988 The affiliated hospital of CNUMS reorganized into the CNU Hospital CNUMS’s English journal ‘Chonnam Journal of Medical Sciences’ published
The CNU Hospital Incorporated The Animal Laboratory Building constructed
Nominated as the Outstanding Faculty and the Best Graduate School (University Accreditation Committee, Korean Council for University Education)
since 2001 ~ 2017
The National Research Laboratory of Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis opened
Aging Research Institute of CNUMS opened The Medical Research Center for Gene Regulation designated by the Ministry of Education and Science Technology The Genome Research Center for Enteropathogenic Bacteria designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) The Genome Research Center for Hematopoietic Diseases designated by the MHW
The Hwasun CNU Hospital opened The 60th Anniversary of the medical school held
The Clinical Vaccine R&D Center established The alumni office of the medical school opened The Clinical Testing Center designated by the MHW
The National Research Laboratory (NRL) of Bone Metabolism and Diseases opened The Jeonnam Regional Cancer Center opened by the MHW
The fitness center of Namgang Hall opened Professional Medical Graduate School opened The research center specializing in heart diseases designated by the MHW
The National Research Laboratory (NRL) of Epigenetic Control of Heart Muscle Diseases opened
'Chonnam Medical Journal' nominated as a candidate for registry in the NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) Journal ‘Chonnam Journal of Medical Sciences’ combined to ‘Chonnam Medical Journal’
The CNU Medical Museum opened
Hwasun Biomedical Research Center is completed
Nuclear Safety and Security Commission–designated Medical Radiology Safety Research Center opens
CNU Bitgoeul Hospital opens
70th anniversary of CNU Medical School
January 26: 2014 Medical Education Evaluation Authentication is acquired
Sister relationship with Medical School of Hainan, China forms.
Research Institute of Medical Science wins Outstanding Research Award
CNU ranks No. 1 in Key National Medical School, in terms of the total number of research papers published by professors, and individual papers published to SCI, in the last two years
CNU is re-selected as BK21 Plus Center for Creative Biomedical Scientists at Chonnam National University
CNU is re-selected as BK21 Plus Business Molecular Medical Science Convergence Project
CNU Memorial Center opens
CNU Biomedical Research Center opens
CNU ranks No. 1 in 2016 Basic Medicine Comprehensive Evaluation
MOU with Taipei Medical University is signed
2017 Night of Medical School Sponsorship is held
Contributes to acceptance of Biomedical Research Center Animal breeding farm (SPF)
73rd anniversary of the Medical School