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Chonnam National University Medical School (CNUMS) was established in 1944, and in two years (2024), we will celebrate 80th anniversary. As the 4th oldest school among 41 medical schools in Korea, CNUMS has produced about 8,500 alumni until the 70th graduate in 2022. Alumni are actively working to improve health care, including medical research and treatment, both at domestic and abroad. Based on the founding ideology of Chonnam National University, truth, creation, and service, CNUMS has a mission to nurture talented people who contribute to the development of medicine and the well-being of mankind through education, research, and service.

About 270 professors are participating in the education, and clinical practice and training are conducted in three hospitals: Chonnam National University Hospital in Gwangju (including Children's Hospital), Hwasun Chonnam National University Hospital, and Bitgoeul Chonnam National University Hospital. By opening the Hwasun BioMedical Convergence Center in 2015, we are focusing on education and research by expanding and reorganizing medical education and research facilities. Many professors in CNUMS are participating in various large-scale national projects, focusing on research, and commercializing the research results. When the Education Complex Building is built next year in 2023, education, research and convenience facilities will be further supplemented

The past two years, when the corona virus has been swept away, is an unprecedented situation in which the whole world is shocked, and CNUMS has also suffered many difficulties. Although it is not a problem unique to our university, the lectures were conducted in an unstable state, alternating face-to-face and non-face-to-face irregularly. Various academic programs and student activities were also limited, and the preference for medical schools in the metropolitan area are further deepened. In addition, as a new challenge, we have the urgency to newly incorporate contents that were unthinkable only a few years ago, such as telemedicine, AI, big data, metaverse, and coding based on the 4th industrial revolution, into the curriculum..

As a regional hub medical school, CNUMS have been many trials and tribulations over the past 80 years, and the university, alumni, and local community have worked hard to overcome it. CNUMS have outstanding students, faculty, and support from around 8,500 alumni and the community. Our alumni are of great strength to us as they are helping the university in various ways by visiting our alma mater for the 20th and 50th anniversary of graduation with a unique spirit. CNUMS community is also aware of our obligation to further contribute to our society. To this end, CNUMS will educate not only to nurture competent doctors in charge of national health care, but also to cultivate curiosity about medical research and creative solution skills. In addition to lectures in the classroom, we will develop and conduct various educational research programs such as problem-solving skills, individual laboratory-linked programs, and international exchanges program. We ask for your love and affection so that we can overcome any adversity and fulfill our responsibilities.

Mar. 2022

Young Do Jung, MD.,Ph.D.,
Chonnam National University Medical School